Kaia Jane Abraham is from New York City. The daughter of artists involved in fashion, Kaia has grown up immersed in NYC culture and surrounded by a diverse community of people who have encouraged her to bring her ideas to life through writing, drawing, photography and filmmaking. She currently attends a project-based high school where she learns through experience and collaboration. The ocean also plays a big part in Kaia’s life — she loves to surf, swim, and spend time at the beach with family, friends and her dog. 

As a model Kaia has been featured in Teen Vogue, Re-Edition, Interview Mag, Double, Dazed, Hearts, Oyster, Alla Carta and SSENSE. She has worked for brands including Gap, Hemlut Lang, Calvin Klein, LRS, and Sandy Liang.

Kathy Lo,  Sandy Liang

Kathy Lo, Sandy Liang