Watch Me Now: The Campbell Method for Performing

Theo Adams Company’s Martin Cohn and Theo Adams creative directed a journey into the world of a cutthroat drama school, told through dance studio selfies and headshots by master photographer Andrew Brucker.

Martin Coh told DAZED: “Melding an old school approach to entertainment training with selfies, a modern form of show, became an interesting way to explore the performativity that seems to permeate the industry and people no matter what era you're in.”


Kaia Jane Abraham for Bess

Kaia Jane Abraham styled and conceived a series of short videos revisiting her parents’ clothing line - Bess - through the lens of adolescence. Kaia explains, "I wanted to hear people’s stories about growing up. When you tell stories about being young, even if they seem mundane, you realize how funny and actually formative those memories were."

The videos were produced by No Agency New York and directed by Nick Lieberman with hair by Tsuki (Streeters) and makeup by Michaela Bosch.

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“No New York” AW19 Show Package

Titled after Brian Eno's 1978 No Wave compilation album of the same name, "No New York" combines selfies and photobooth photos in an inventive shoot-without-a-shoot. Our roster of unorthodox talent was able to control their own image by subverting the traditional methods of creating and releasing fashion photographs. In presenting the selfie, we mirror today’s reality - where BTS often outshines the "final shot."

The shoot was released exclusively on social media.

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No Agency New York got their models to shoot their models (SS19 Show Package) — DAZED

For our SS19 Show Package, No Agency New York photographers Gabriette and Remy Holwick shot the agency roster in an abandoned convent. The project was conceived, produced, photographed, and designed by No Agency New York.

DAZED wrote: Taking over an abandoned 100-year-old convent (yes, really) the duo wanted to see their peers and friends as they know them – rather than from the perspective of a fashion photographer. “This was a chance for us all to show ourselves how we see ourselves, which is something you don’t get to do very often,” Holwick tells us. “Everyone knows who they are already,” Gabriette echoed. “We’re just there to make each other feel beautiful and give each other love.”

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No Agency New York’s T-Shirt Helps Girls Get Into Science — i-D

To benefit the National Girl’s Collaborative Project, No Agency New York released a limited-edition T-Shirt featuring the phrase “WHAT PART OF NO DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND.” The shirt was launched with original photographs by Sophie Hur.

i-D wrote: 100% of the profits from No’s shirt will go to the National Collaborative Girls Project, a non-profit organization offering support and direct grants for programs to effectively reach and serve underrepresented girls in Science Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields. “We think it's crucial that everyone be able to pursue their dreams,” the anti-agents say, “whatever those dreams may be.”


Richard Kern and Sandy Kim shoot No Agency New York’s models — DAZED

Cutting through the monotonous show packages highlighting the models that will be in town and available, No Agency New York has thrown out the standard practice in favour of something a little more interesting: a zine, shot by Richard Kern and Sandy Kim [where] No Agency New York’s roster answers a handwritten yes/no questionnaire, providing some intimate insight into their preferences (and penmanship).

In an exclusive collaboration with Kern and Kim, the agency utilised their network and artistic community of friends to create a different approach to an otherwise basic formula of sending out vital statistics, such as name, contact info and measurements.


This Modeling Agency Aims to Highlight Its Clients’ Individuality — TEEN VOGUE

Despite what society has conditioned us to believe, women shouldn't be put into boxes; musicians can be moguls, artists can be activists, and everyday women can be models. In fact, most women are multi-hyphenate talents: artists, actors, and musicians, and more. We teamed up with No Agency — an agency that highlights all aspects of models' identities — to celebrate the dynamic women taking the fashion industry by storm. From an out-of-this-world illustrator to a talented music maven, you’ll be surprised at just how skilled these beauties are away from the camera. 

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ASHLEY SMITH — About a year ago, Alex and I were having a boozy lunch together to celebrate the end of Fashion Week. Around the same time, I had sent my friend Vera Lesavoy — who is now one of our girls — to agencies because she’s gorgeous. She has the height ; she has the right measurements, but has a slightly bigger hip. I didn’t think it was a problem — she is just beautiful. She called me to tell me that at the last agency she visited, they started pinching her hips, saying that she could lose a couple of inches and to come back once she had. I just got really angry that I wasn’t there with her. While I was on the phone with her, Alex took out his notepad and wrote, “Why don’t we just start our own modeling agency?”

Each of them has a pursuit in life, and modeling is a way for them to raise their profile and make money. They don’t dream of being models — they dream of expressing themselves. So, I think it’s a shame for them to not be in front of the camera.